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Official Warner Brothers licensee

Scooby-Doo ‘Mystery at the Mall’–30 minute show

     Event: Show to play as part of the Warner Bros Celebration in Jeddah, KSA for Summer 2024.


Show Style

The acting style is bright eyed sincere and matches the old TV cartoon. Because we are in a live situation in a 25-30 min show, the relationships are more 3 dimensional and events and situations have slightly more complexity without losing the sweetness and fun of the original. That being said an intelligent and fresh approach allows us to underline some of the behavior for laughs for the adults and kids alike.

Audition Requirements

Three skills are required = Acting, Singing and Dancing


Please submit individual videos.

A full-length video reading the sides for the character, please slate the beginning of the tape with your name and the character you are reading for.

Singing – 1 song audition, must demonstrate the performers full range

Dancing: video must demonstrate the performers abilities, can be from a show reel.


 Tapes need to be MP4, please don’t send any YouTube links as we can’t submit these. 

Files no larger than 30 MB each.

Videos should be between 1 to 3 min. MAXIMUM.


Please send applications to

Please mark the submission with the character role in the subject box of your email.

Please include resume, height, measurements, headshot, and tapes.




Rehearsal – June 13 -19 in New York

Fly out – June 21/22 (depending on flight times)

Rehearsals on site–June 23-27

Tours runs – June 28 – August 17 (50 days)

Fly home – August 18



  • Rehearsals in New York 70 USD per day for 6 days

  • Touring Salary paid at 110USD per working day, any non-working days paid at 44USD pd. Travel days are paid 55USD (per 24 hours).

  • Per diems on top of salary paid in local currency are equivalent to 30USD per day.

  • Provisionally 1x 20 minute show and 5x Meet and Greets per day TBC

  • All flights and visa costs covered by the company.

  • Accommodation is 3 star or higher in shared twin room with same sex.

  • Breakfast included in hotel or extra supplement added to per diems.

  • All transport airport/hotel/venue covered in country of destination (home to airport and return not covered by the company)

  • All fees paid in cash during the engagement – salary in US dollars, per diems in local currency.

  • The use of swings will be employed to facilitate days off.

  • All Gang talent should be under 35 years old maximum.

  • Must Hold a valid passport with at least 6months remaining and no prior convictions.

  • Applicants will be put forward to Warner Bros for approval


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