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Official Warner Brothers licensee



DC Justice League 


The Flash (Male)


Age: Mid-­‐Late 20’s

Build: Slim, Athletic, Larger Upper Body than Lower


Height: 5’10”-‐6’0”  179 – 183cm

Chest: 37”- 39” 94 – 99.1cm

Waist: 30”-32” 76 – 81.5cm

Hips 36”-38” 92- 97cm

Shoe: up to a Men’s 12 US, 11.5 UK, 45EU



Character Overview:

Young Barry Allen’s life stopped the minute his mother was murdered. The true killer never found, its mystery obsessed Barry, driving him to become a forensic scientist. Consumed by his work, he spent his life chained to his desk, solving every case that flew across it. But when a freak lightning bolt hits a nearby shelf in his lab, Barry receives super-speed, becoming the Flash. Now, he’ll race up buildings, across oceans, and around the world to get his man—while getting introduced to a world so much bigger than his old life of microscopes and cold cases.


Candidates must: 


• Be fluent in English with good standard American accent.

• Hold a valid passport of 9 months or more and no prior convictions.

• Applicants will be sent for approval to Warner Bros.


All applications to be sent to 

Please mark the submission with the character role in the subject box of your email. 


Please send: Resume, Height, measurements, and Headshot.

Full body shots front and side (Please wear slim-fitting clothes). 

A full length video reading the sides for the character (see below), please slate the beginning of the tape with your name and the character you are reading for. Tapes need to be MP4, please don’t send any YouTube links as we can’t submit these.  



Salary on application






I wasn’t always a Superhero, I used to be a scientist. One night while I was working in my laboratory, a lightning bolt broke through the roof and shattered a case full of chemicals. Those

chemicals splashed onto me and mixed together along with the lightning. Well, let’s just say I was never the same again. It turned out I was enhanced by the chemical reaction, and I can now

move extremely fast. I also have super-human senses and reflexes. Because I gained these powers from a lightning strike, I chose to use the lightning bolt as my symbol.


As The Flash, I need to be not only physically fast and agile, but also a quick thinker. I am the fastest man alive, let’s just say somewhere between faster than the speed of sound and the speed of light—an easier to way to put it: I can move faster than you can see.


The Justice League each have different skills and abilities that we could bring to the fight. A team that can quickly respond to any crisis. We have faced off against some of the most diabolical—the

most dangerous—the most downright EVIL super-villains the world has ever seen!

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