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Official Warner Brothers licensee



DC Justice League 



 Superman (Male)


Age: Mid-­‐Late 20’s

Build: Slim to Medium, Athletic, Larger Upper Body than Lower


Height: 6’1” to 6’3”        185 – 190cm

Chest: 38”- 40” 96 – 100cm

Waist: 32”- 34” 81-86 cm

Hips 36”-38”. 92- 97cm

Shoe up to a Men’s size13US, 12.5 UK, 46EU



Character Overview:

The most recognized superhero in pop culture, Superman has been elevated to mythic folk hero status. Superman has super--- everything — strength, speed, flight, invulnerability as well as

his renowned X-ray and heat vision. He’s an alien; an immigrant from a faraway land just looking to help; a country boy fighting the never-ending battle for truth and justice.




Candidates must: 


• Be fluent in English with good standard American accent.

• Hold a valid passport of 9 months or more and no prior convictions.

• Applicants will be sent for approval to Warner Bros.


All applications to be sent to 

Please mark the submission with the character role in the subject box of your email. 


Please send: Resume, Height, measurements, and Headshot.

Full body shots front and side (Please wear slim-fitting clothes). 

A full length video reading the sides for the character (see below), please slate the beginning of the tape with your name and the character you are reading for. Tapes need to be MP4, please don’t send any YouTube links as we can’t submit these.  



Salary on application







I am Superman. I am from the planet Krypton. Our planet was dying and as a Baby, my parents put me in an escape pod to save me. I crash landed in the town of Smallville and was

found by Martha and Jonathan Kent. They Adopted me as their own, gave me a new name and instilled in me their strong moral values. When I later grew in to the full extent of my powers I moved to Metropolis and became Superman, and now I live there as a reporter for the Daily Planet known only as Clark Kent, whilst keeping my identity a secret, always ready to answer any cry for help as Superman.


I have superhuman strength, stamina, and speed, as well as X-ray, heat, microscopic, and telescopic vision. I can fly and am invulnerable to any weapon. But I must always be aware of radioactive fragments of the planet Krypton that have fallen to Earth. You’ll know them as krytonite. If I am exposed to these it will weaken me and eventually could kill me.


I just want to live as part of humanity, helping whenever my powers can. I am determined to live my life not as a figure isolated from humankind but as a man existing within it.

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