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Official Universal licensee 




Host/Presenter - Female / Male

Chinese/Far Eastern ancestry

Hair - Natural colouring

Have basic martial arts or similar acrobatic skills 

youthful energy

with good command of English and clear delivery


Character Overview

The Host/Presenter will greet everyone and wish them welcome to a training session with Po, the dragon warrior, and Tigress. The Host will remind everyone who the dragon warrior is, what is his role and how our last dragon warrior came to be. The Host invites the audience to join in the training session with Po and Tigress.  Po gets distracted by the smell of the Host’s noodles, and his rumbling tummy. The Host and Tigress together guide Po to focus on training.


Candidates must: 

• Be a strong actor 

• Be fluent in English 

• Be experienced in presenting

• Hold a valid passport for at least the next 9 months 

• Have no prior convictions

• Be put forward to Universal/DreamWorks for approval 


All applications to be sent to  

Please mark the submission with the character role in the subject box of your email. 


Please send: Resume, Height, measurements, and Headshot.

Full body shots front and side (Please wear slim-fitting clothes). 

A full length video reading the sides for the character (see below), please slate the beginning of the tape with your name and the character you are reading for. Tapes need to be MP4, please don’t send any YouTube links as we can’t submit these.  


Salary on application




Host - sides

The HOST enters, waving to the Audience and getting them to join in, clapping in time to the music [TBC, if the Music lends itself to Clapping Along].


Welcome, everybody! My name is XXXX, I'm a Kung Fu Master - watch this!

They do a short, impressive display of Kung Fu moves, jumps or kicks (details TBC depending on performer's specialisms). They finish with a bow, to encourage applause.


Thank you, honoured friends! I'm so happy to see you all! I greet my friends by shouting: NI HAO! [nee-how] Let me hear you shout it too - NI HAO! Great, even louder - NI HAO!

The Audience yell "Ni Hao!"


I'm here for some very special training, with two of my fellow Kung Fu Masters - I have a feeling you're going to recognise them! Now, as we all know, training takes a lot of focus, and energy. So, to give me the strength I need, I brought along these delicious noodles. Mmmm!


Ah! No time for noodles right now - - because my friends are on their way. Any second now you're going to meet the one and only dragon warrior! He was once an ordinary panda, who worked in his dad's noodle shop, and really, really loved Kung Fu. Then one day, he found out he was destined to become the mighty dragon warrior! That's right - he's the world-famous Kung Fu Panda: PO! Would you like to meet him?

The Audience yell "Yeeeesss!"


You're in luck, because here he comes!

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