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Scooby-Doo ‘Mystery of the Mall’– 30 minute show



Male actor 178 – 185 cm

Slim athletic build


Will need upper body strength, comedic ability, physically fit, no history of knee, ankle or back problems, mask work on the stage a plus. Should possess skills for adapting physical inventiveness and be adept at acrobatic and comedic movement. Very strenuous part but the kid’s hero is greeted by the audience like a rock star. Needs to be able to voice the iconic Scooby-Doo vocalisations on live mic during the show.


Character Background

Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane - real name is Scoobert – who doesn't believe he is a dog, talks, walks on two legs when necessary, is good at disguising himself, loves to eat, is very easily scared and will exhibit great bravery for a Scooby Snack (he’ll often bargain for two). He’s the master of unintentional physical comedy. His best friend is Shaggy.




Raggy! Look! There's an arcade!

Raggy! Look! There's an ice-cream parlour!


But what about the arcade? 

But what about the ice-cream and sprinkles? <Slurp!>


Ret's go!


Hehehehe ro-kay!


I can't help it!


Rhis is a grrrreat disguise!


Ruh-Roh! I really wanna press a button. What'd ya think... Should I press one?


What are we gonna do, Raggy? That security officer is still trying to catch me!


Ris that me? Am I looking in a mirror?


Scooby strikes a pose. The Villainous Hound strikes a pose (at the same time). 

Ris mirror is amazing!

Hey! Rait! You're not me in the mirror! 

Then who are you?



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