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Scooby-Doo ‘Mystery of the Mall’– 30 minute show



Male actor age 20 – 35 Slim build.


Security Officer Stone is the villain of the piece – ‘if it wasn’t for those perishing kids’!! Good sense of comic timing. Not required to sing. Dancing can be basic skill level.





Hold it right there, Mr. Bucks. I'm the mall security officer. It's MY job and MY mall to guard.

Oh, I'm equipped alright. I'm gonna catch this hound using all my latest gadgets!

My new Super-Vision Goggles will find where the hound is hiding.

And my new high-tech cameras will show the hound's movements.


(With suspicion)

It seems strange... The day that the most shoppers are scared away, YOU are at the mall. And now you're in the security office, trying to sabotage the mall's security system. Hmmm... The villain is a hound. And YOU are a hound. 

<Gasp!> Scooby Doo is the Villainous Hound!


Mr. Bucks was right. The mall IS the safest place. And I was gonna be outta a job!

I didn't intend to blame Scooby Doo for it, but when Mr. Bucks asked you to solve the mystery, I had to get you outta the way. And I would've got away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!



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