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Scooby-Doo ‘Mystery of the Mall’– 30 minute show 




Female actress 160 – 168 cm


Velma – She’s the brains behind Mystery Inc. She always solves the mystery and discovers the scheme based on the clues accumulated by the rest of the Gang. Her catchphrase is "Jinkies!" which she’ll use when finding a clue or drawing a conclusion. [brunette wig included with costume]






Come on Scooby, keep up. We've not found any clues yet!

Hey Shaggy, you found any clues? 

Which areas of the mall have you searched?

Let's search by the food court then head onto...


And where have you two been? 

We're in the middle of a mystery. 

You went shopping, didn't you?


The Villainous Hound dropped this when he got away!

That's how the Villainous Hound was copying everything you did Scooby... Because Officer Stone was watching you on his camera and then operating his robot dog.

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