Madagascar: Stars Of The Jungle 

The Show:

Join Madagascar’s Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, The Penguins and of course King Julien for the ultimate jungle adventure! Sing and dance along with Alex the Lion as he becomes a Jungle Star! Then stick around for the chance to meet the characters and enjoy all the exciting jungle activities!

The Activity Area:

Jungle Jumble 

The Jungle Jumble activities area is inspired by the jungle locations that are shown in the famous Madagascar movies and are filled with fun games and adventure that will keep kids thrilled and entertained! 


Madagascar: Sing Along!

The Show 

It’s time to Party! Come sing and dance with the DreamWorks Madagascar jungle stars: Alex the Lion and King Julien! Meet the characters and join in the fun jungle adventure!

Scooby Doo: Mystery at the Mall!

The Show 

The Mystery Inc. Gang is pulled into another exciting mystery, but this time, it's at a shopping mall near you! Help Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma solve the mystery of the Mutt of the Mall, a spooky dog who has been causing havoc for shoppers all over the mall. And as it turns out, Scooby-Doo is getting the blame! Can you help the gang solve the mystery and exonerate Scooby-Doo? He needs you!

The Activity Area

Mystery Clues 

Every night the mummy from the archaeology department leaves her sarcophagus and wanders around in search of her stolen treasures. Kids will delve into an adventure of solving this mystery and finding the mummies treasure. They will follow the clues and, in each activity, they will find one piece of the treasure: An amulet, mask & necklace. 


PJ Masks: Meet the Heroes!

The Show

PJ Masks are on their way, into the night to save the day! A brand-new exciting stage show where you not only get to meet your favorite super heroes, but train to become a hero too!


DreamWorks Trolls : Surprise Party

The Show 

Poppy is planning a surprise birthday party for her best-friend, Branch, with the help of Guy Diamond, the audience and the presenter. When Branch arrives, everyone shouts “surprise” and Branch admits that he is touched by everyone’s efforts and is happy no one forgot his birthday. Now that the guest of honor has arrived, the party can begin! Guy Diamond, who can never turn down an opportunity to dance, encourages everyone to join in for a spectacular finale. The party is a great success!


DreamWorks Trolls : Special Sing Along!

The Show 

Join in the fun with the Trolls sing along! Watch the characters, be part of the singing and fun-filled times and take a photo with your favorite characters Poppy and Branch!


SpongeBob : I Heart Dancing

The Show 

Ace reporter, Perch Perkins, is on the lookout for a Star.  During his search for the greatest dancer ever, SpongeBob SquarePants catches his eye and earns a spot to audition.  Squidward is in disbelief that SpongeBob was chosen and sets a plan in place to sabotage his audition and assure himself the title of best dancer in Bikini Bottom.  He convinces SpongeBob, practice makes perfect and offers his services to train SpongeBob...into exhaustion.

The Activity Area 

Under the sea world 

It’s an enchanting yet dynamic adventure for kids at Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants “Under the sea” world activity area. Every kid who steps into this bubbly zone will get the chance to meet SpongeBob SquarePants’ Gary the Snail pet, discover SpongeBob’s house, favorite sandwich as well as Patrick’s hobbies too. This activity zone will turn kids into divers, basketball players, and qualified dancers! Competitions and fun definitely reside here!

SpongeBob : Sing Along!

The Show 

Sing Along with Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick! Meet them and have a wonderful time singing, dancing and taking part in exciting workshops!

Nickelodeon Rocks! 

The Show 

Rock the stage in this amazing, one-of-a-kind live show with all your favorite Nickelodeon characters! SpongeBob SquarePants, PAW Patrol’s Marshall & Chase, Dora the Explorer and Simmer & Shine.

The Activity Area 

Nickelodeon Zone 

Come and experience Nickelodeon like never before! All your favorite characters in one place. SpongeBob SquarePants, Paw Patrol’s Marshall & Chase, Dora the Explorer and Shimmer & Shine! Adventure, games, dancing and fun is with you can expect when you enter this Nickelodeon activity zone. 


Nickelodeon Rocks! Sing Along 

The Show 

Sing along with your Nickelodeon friends – Dora the Explorer & Boots, PAW Patrol’s Marshall & Chase and Shimmer and Shine as they rock the stage in this amazing, one-of-a king sing along show!


PAW Patrol : The Big Show Rescue

The Show 

PAW Patrol: The Big Show Rescue - An interactive stage show Ryder welcomes everyone to The Big Adventure Bay show. It promises to be amazing because the PAW Patrol is starring in it! But Mayor Humdinger and his Kitty Catastrophe Crew are about to ruin their plans. Can they save the show? 

The Activity Area 

Adventure Bay 

PAW PATROL ADVENTURE BAY is a big themed activity area representing the whole Paw Patrol town offering visitors’ numerous games, edutainment activities and photo opportunities. Kids can enjoy 6 activities with their favorite pups Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma and Skye. 

PAW Patrol : Sing Along! 

The Show 

Sing along with Marshall and Chase from Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol! Anything is PAWsible, so come meet your favorite characters from Adventure Bay!


Justice League : Meet the Justice League

The Show 

The Justice League defends the Earth from any threat too big for a single hero to handle. So, teamwork is key! Two New Recruits are hoping to join the Justice League Academy to train alongside the Heroes to one day fight for Justice. They will need your help to get through the tasks the Super Heroes will set them to test their abilities. They must demonstrate the key values of Truth, Fairness, Hope, Discipline and Teamwork to make it through and win their spot in the academy.

The Activity Area 

Hall of Justice 

Step into the DC universe with the Justice League! Greenscreen, Augmented Reality photography, Injustice 2 tournaments and Justice League Virtual Reality! You also get to take photos with a life size Justice League figurine exhibit! 


Masha and the Bear : Super Masha

The Show 

Masha is at home and she’s reading a super hero comic book. She then has the idea and decides to become a super hero and help anyone that needs saving.

She sets off to bear’s house and on the way finds the Hare. She tries to save him but he insists he doesn’t need saving, so she decides to make him her sidekick – Harrific.


Masha storms in ‘Super Masha will save you!’ mood and tries to save everyone from everything!

After an argument with The Bear, she drags the hare off into the forest trying to find someone else who needs their help...


After trying to help many people on her way, she ends up finding The Bear caught on the train tracks. He hears the train coming and starts screaming asking for help!

Time for Super Masha to prove she can do it!


The Activity Area 

Masha’s World 

The place to be! What’s great about Masha and The Bear’s set up is the way little fans feel at home, in Masha’s world! 

Every single detail is conceived in a way that the setup is warm, welcoming and fun! 


Tom & Jerry: Springtime for Thomas

The Show 

Tom & Jerry Non-Ticketed Show brings you back to the 40’s theatrical mood! The show is about Tom who falls in love with Toodles and decides not to chase Jerry anymore. In order to bring Tom back to their daily enemy routine, Jerry calls Butch - street cat, Tom’s rival, to help him.  Both Butch and Tom compete with their utmost dancing skills in order to win Toodles’ heart. An extreme competitive mood that will take us into a musical chasing tour. 

The Activity Area 

Cheese Maze 

The Cheese Maze is an interactive maze where kids have to go through and search for Jerry in an augmented reality world. At the start, kids will be divided into teams and equipped with a tablet to try and collect points before the end of the maze. 

Meet Tom & Jerry: A Musical Show

The Show 

Be there as Tom & Jerry take centre stage in a musical dance-off and join the fun!

DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda

The Show 

Join the Dragon Warrior, Po, and the Furious Five on another exciting adventure!


Ricky Zoom

The Show 

Zoom into adventure with Ricky Zoom and the Bike Buddies!


Shaun the Sheep : Dancing with Shaun

The Show
Join Shaun, Bitzer, the Farmer and of course the Flock in a brand-new dance adventure!

When the Farmer decides it’s time to tidy up the farm and clear out his old junk, he leaves a strange box behind. 

What could there be inside? Shaun and Bitzer discover the Farmer’s secret - an old dance mat and music machine. The Farmer wants to learn how to dance!

Bitzer, with the help of the audience will teach the Farmer how to perform dance steps and joins Shaun and the Flock in learning a new dance craze… Non-stop family fun!

The Activity Area 


There are loads of fun games to play at the Championsheeps. You’ll get a reward card that will be stamped once you’ve taken part in each farm game and at the Finale Podium you get a badge and have your photo taken.


Dora's Friendship Fiesta

The Show 

DORA’S FRIENDSHIP FIESTA Dora takes us on an amazing adventure, exploring everything about friends on our way to the Friendship Fiesta. With Boots, The Bubble Guppies, Diego and PAW Patrol’s Chase and Marshall, you'll help find the way to this one of a kind celebration.

The Activity Area 

Rainforest Maze 

In this adventurous kids’ activity, Map and Backpack are lost in the rainforest maze and kids are coming to rescue them. On their journey, kids can enjoy various obstacles like monkey bars, hollow wood and many more...


Dora's The Explorer - Sing Along Show!

The Show 

DORA’S FRIENDSHIP FIESTA Dora takes us on an amazing adventure, exploring everything about friends on our way to the Friendship Fiesta. With Boots, The Bubble Guppies, Diego and PAW Patrol’s Chase and Marshall, you'll help find the way to this one of a kind celebration.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Turtle Power

The Show 

Beats is NYC street musician. When Beats gets into trouble, Casey Jones and the Turtles come to his rescue. Leonardo feels the brothers need a training reboot so they set off on a Turtle hunt looking for a Kraang Communication Orb that he’s heard is missing.

Beats stumbles across the Orb and when Casey recognizes what Beats has found, they know they need to find the Turtles and enlist their help. However, a Kraangdroid has spotted them and is on their tail.

The Activity Area 

Green Extreme 

Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Green & Extreme activities area will bring kids to the underworld of the New York City suburbs to enjoy adventurous games and competitions like never before. From Turtles Tire Race to Make Overs and Balloon Power, Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has what it takes to get anyone joining their team perfectly trained for their upcoming adventure.


Shimmer and Shine: Sing Along Show! 

The Show 

Sing Along show! Sing, dance and go on a magical adventure with Nickelodeon’s Shimmer & Shine!

The Activity Area  

Shimmer & Shine! 

Kids get to dress up as their favorite Nickelodeon characters, Shimmer & Shine! This magical activity area will have kids dazzling with face paint, dancing and fun crafts!

Power Rangers 

The Show 

Be the first to meet the all new Power Rangers! Experience more action than ever before!


Teen Titans Go!

The Show 

Come along and meet the young Titans from Teen Titans Go! Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy will save the day!


Care Bears: Let's be Friends

The Show 

The Care Bears discover a little boy, named Maddy, who is having trouble finding new friends. He’s transported to their magical home in the clouds, to join them in finding a lost, baby raccoon. It’s an adventure filled with music, dancing and everyone’s favorite friends – The Care Bears!

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